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bValtik, is a Romanian musician, DJ, and producer of electronic music. Born on October 5, 1982 in Onesti, Bacau, Romania, Baltariu has been active in the music industry since 2008. After spending time working with various producers and DJs and searching for his personal style, he decided to focus on his solo work. bValtik's fame began to rise in 2010 when he started performing at clubs in Romania. Since then, he has produced numerous tracks, some of which have been released on labels such as VectoRecords.
In March 2009, his first tracks were released on the label, including ``Old Songs for New Times EP,`` a collaboration with Hector Couto, Giorgio Roma, Andrea Bigi, Marius Laurentiu, and Molisans Brothers. One of bValtik's tracks, ``Alien (Waldliebe Familien),`` gained recognition in December 2011 when it was named ``Track of the Week`` by Symphonic Distribution. The track was also remixed by Kid Culture.
In the past three years, bValtik has found a passion for producing tracks in the genres of afro house and organic house. These genres combine elements of traditional African music with electronic dance music, resulting in a unique and exciting sound. He has worked with Elchinsoul and has also been involved in the Vibrations Parties Concept, which aims to bring people together through the power of music and positive vibes.
bValtik continues to produce and perform, showcasing his skills in a variety of electronic music genres and spreading joy through his performances.

DOB: 05/10/1982.

Genres: Melodic Techno,Tech House, Afro House

Based in: Bacau, România

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Vibrations is about infinite feelings that you will experience through music while being in the right place, with the right people.