Le Aqua



Elchinsoul no longer needs any kind of presentation when it comes to music, especially music that offers emotions. His latest track is called ‘Le Aqua’ and is a balanced combination between the minimal rhythmic sound and the carefully written melodic lines, resulting in an organic house that we hope will give you boundless pleasure when you are on the dance floor or even at home, given the restrictions of this period.
The original is accompanied by two remixes, produced with the utmost care, one by bValtik and the second written by Puxomos. Both have something to offer when it comes to quality; bValtik as usual, a dizzying tribal house rhythm, with afro elements and a story that will capture our attention while Puxumos’ version is a minimal-tech one, the specific elements of this musical genre being felt from the beginning. Overall, we love this release and we sincerely hope you will like it too!

Artists: bValtik, Elchinsoul, Puxumos
Label: Crossworld Records
Release Date: December 05, 2020
Genres: Minimal / Deep - Tech, Organic House
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