The first album together, Elchinsoul and Dubmask (RO), which receive an exceptional remix from Horatio and Alexender Boca.

We are excited to announce our anniversary compilation curated by our resident DJ and producer, Kattia. The compilation includes 12 tracks from our finest enthusiast producers and DJs: Bea Sweets, John Junior, Jessie Rey, Oona, Evy Dream, Zahra Noir,

After the sensation caused by its last release, Elchinsoul comes back strong with another battle cry into the darkness. With a prized new member of our family, Alexander Boca, he is back on Cellaa Music. This time with two

Elchinsoul needs no introduction.A veteran of tech house scene his music beeing played by Carl Cox,Marco Carola and other big names. The original mix was on the MAYA JANE COLES Essential mix on BBC RADIO1 and it has a thunderous

Elchinsoul no longer needs any kind of presentation when it comes to music, especially music that offers emotions. His latest track is called 'Le Aqua' and is a balanced combination between the minimal rhythmic sound and the carefully written

Organic is the name, Elchinsoul is the remixer, Jessie Rey is the musical muse. Inspired by the glamourous sands of Dubai, Elchinsoul turns Jessie's vision into an organic deep house groover. Join our tribe and come to #Paradiz club!

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Vibrations is about infinite feelings that you will experience through music while being in the right place, with the right people.